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Custom Solutions

We offer the scalable custom built solutions, well backed up with consulting support services to supplement all your stakeholders.

Our core IT team has investigated and studied current industry needs and to meet those needs, we have introduced the range of innovative frameworks and solutions to assist organizations to meet their end-to-end IT needs. We have strong believes that nobody can teach you, your business thus we just facilitate to convert your domain knowledge into quick but cost-effective IT solutions by our innovative ways so that you can take effective business decisions for better prospects and growth.

We have worked for many of customers, directly as well as indirectly through our partners. Here are glimpses of some custom solutions we have worked jointly to meet our customer needs:

Financial Accounting and Hotel Management Solution for Hotel Vrindavan

Based on the needs of the owner, this website and the accounting application was developed by us. They were linked together so as to represent the current status, as well as availability of the rooms to customers. This solution has complete hotel management and accounting together. Based on the requirements of our client, required customization were made.

PCOS Registry for FOGSI (The Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India)

This was a complete online registry creation where all the doctors will access and record their observation for each patient across India. This application was in turn used to find out various statistics for Indian FOGSI problems. The Application was rich in terms of complex administration workflows, analytical real time reporting, high volume data management etc. This project was executed through Dialog India.