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Runtime Generation

A metadata-driven runtime-generation ERP framework is hosted on the cloud, to ensure that cost-effective solution should be available for our customer. The based solution can be easily configured in multi-tenant mode. Each customer will have its own schema and each schema data is isolated from other schema. If customer owns multiple applications and schema then data can be accessed/shared based on privileges. Each application has its own metadata used for runtime generation. Each application will have administrator to maintain application users. Each application can be configured to different language. Isolated metadata and run-time generation enables customer specific customization in multi-tenant mode. In multi-application multi-schema mode, common set of users can be maintained with different application specific privileges.

All the applications are accessing common custom build solution specific VShot Libraries but transaction data is maintained separately in each schema.

The framework supports the n-tier architecture by introducing web/application servers in between. The framework can be setup on cloud as well as hosted on single server. If customer policy won’t allow moving business data out of customer premises then only application layer can be moved on cloud and database server can be maintained in customer premises as per the policy.

The framework can be further configured in distributed multi-tenant mode where each customer specific transaction data and customization specific metadata is maintained with customer but common metadata (hosting company IP) and common custom build solution specific VShot Libraries will be maintain with hosting company.

It is a web based solution but with reference to product road-map, mobile version will be released in near future which will act on similar principal of metadata with run-time generation. The foundation for Service Oriented Architecture is also under process where web services/APIs will be made available to end customer in form of services. This will further enhanced and expand distributed multi-tenant mode to support heterogeneous environments (i.e. non-oracle databases if required).

VShot InfoSystem is also building their own metadata set to widen ready-to-use industry-specific multi-domain pluggable ERP solutions around this framework for cost-effective quick customization in multi-tenancy mode.

We will be pleased to announce the metadata-driven runtime-generation ERP solutions soon as below:

  • Solution for Educational Institutes
  • Solution for Sales & Service Firms