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Network Partnership
What is Network Partnership Programs?

Vshot InfoSystems offers innovating and rewarding worldwide partnership programs for small and medium firms and individual consultants for establishing themselves as professional IT solution and service providers.

We assist you to build your own IT products/brands with our rapid development frameworks and tools. We are rapidly building a highly skilled partners network throughout India in different domains.

Is it worth to be a Network Partner?

Every Network Partner carries its own set of metadata for product definition and there is no need to access or change existing license source code, provided by Vshot InfoSystems. Vshot InfoSystems reserves all the rights on any form of the source code, its usage, distribution and changes. The Registered Network Partner can claim the ownership only on the metadata set and defined by them for their customers only after the accepting the Network Partner terms and conditions by signing the agreement with Vshot InfoSystems.

All products have internal locking, which shall only be activated for the applicable period based on the License Fees payments made to Vshot InfoSystems.

What value adds we are giving to our customers?

The program is beneficial for Vshot InfoSystems and all its Network Partners. Definitely, both of us will grow by joining our hands together. This will help us to widen our customer base, service offerings and profitability. Different skilled resources will be available for support by forming the wider Partners Network through this program.