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We design our training programs and courses with basic innovative concept of ‘Earn while Learn’, which is different from others as they have ‘Earning after Learning’. On similar lines of our innovative products, we have designed our courses to give you Quick ROI (Return on Investments).

Our motto is to give you a true education that remains with you after you have forgotten what you had learned with us. We don’t want identity of successful trainers but we want identity of valuable trainers.

Why do we promote such training programs?

If you observe all our programs are based on simple principal i.e. let’s grow together. We strongly believe that we will grow only if you grow.

We build our courses on our limits because once we know our limits only then we grow beyond that. If we can’t explain our subjects simply means we don’t have understood it well enough.

What are the courses do we have?

We have core courses build around our products and core technologies we support. We also have professional courses around our Business Associates services. We are adding some more professional courses where we can involve 3rd party professionals/trainers.

We have certain corporate training where course content is decide by corporate. The trainer will be selected/interviewed by corporate before giving go ahead. These courses are planned as per the convince of corporate and professional trainer at corporate premises. All the necessary training arrangements are done by corporate.

We have certain educational courses planned for fresher/college graduates where we provide on-job-training while working with our live products.

How will we conduct the training?

We expect 10-12 participants in a batch to make it worth for trainer as well as trainees. We don’t believe in online training due to less bonding between trainer and trainee. The class room location is preferred which is convenient to trainer and trainees both. Also we ensure that except corporate training, all the training should be done on week-ends/holidays so that professional quality trainers should be available and overall cost to trainees will be less.

How will you earn while learn?

As you join the course, you earn vPoints which you can adjust/utilize against the fees of next training course. If you generate any business for Vshot InforSystems, you earn some more vPoints. You can utilize/adjust these vPoints against any of these training.

If you are undergoing the training on Vshot products where you are creating metadata using your domain knowledge then either you can sell this metadata to 3rd party or you can get royalty if Vshot InfoSystems purchase it by making you Network Vendors. Vshot InfoSystems will not interfere in between you, your metadata and your customer. If you become the register vendor with Vshot InfoSystems then Vshot will forward all related domain enquirer to you as and when received. This is the best way to recover your training cost immediately and this is the Quick ROI for you as an individual or as a firm.